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2018-2019 District 1-F Service Excellence Award Nomination Form

The Milt Tuttle Award

Named after PID Milton H. Tuttle A member of the Des Plaines Lions Club, which was chartered in 1924, Milton H. Tuttle quickly became a stalwart Lion. He served in the chairs of his club and as District Governor in 1961-62. Of the many stories he related, one that was special to everyone, was his description of his relationship with Melvin Jones, the founder of Lionism. Over the years, Lion Milt served the District Cabinet in an advisory capacity after his year as Governor. In 1975, PDG Tuttle was elected by the Lions during an International Convention, and he served as International Director in 1976-78. Awarded to a Lion who exemplifies servant leadership and is selected by the District Governor.

The John Greener Award

Named after PDG John L. Greener John Greener was loyal, dedicated and promoted Lions and the causes we support. In the 30 years that Lion John had been active in Lions he gave of his time and efforts in many areas that have positively impacted Lionism in Illinois. He promoted Lionism in his club, Morton Grove Lions, in all the club offices; as a District officer, he worked his way up to Governor in 1990-91. His service includes past Lioness Chairman, SightFirst Chairman, and L.E.H.P. Chairman. During his term as LIF Trustee, he served as its President for a one year term. The service awards Lion John received over the years included a Membership Key, an LIF Ambassador of Good Will, and two International President’s Leadership Awards. Lion John was honored with a Melvin Jones Fellow and was a LIF Fellow. His list of accomplishments and efforts is only topped by the humble way he served those in need. This award is presented to the Lion in District 1-F who exemplifies these qualities and Lionistic service. Nomination is by any Lion.

The A. G. “Ang” Marcheschi Award

In memory of PDG A.G. “Ang” Marcheschi Lion Marcheschi joined the Lions Club of Niles in 1956 and quickly began making a positive and indelible mark into Lionism. Lion Ang served as a Director and as Secretary before becoming President in 1960. In 1960, he filled in a partial term as Zone Chair, and went on to hold his first whole term as Zone Chair in 1961 and moved up through the position of Deputy Governor, until he was  elected District Governor in 1966-67, for which he received the 100 % District Governor Award. Lion Ang served with a passion to help the blind, and in 1970 he assumed the chairmanship of the Lions of Illinois Blind Activities Committee. Together with PID Norm Dahl, he spearheaded the creation of the Lions of Illinois Foundation in 1974, and discharged his duties in such an outstanding manner he was named its first president. Several years later, he was named President Emeritus in recognition of his outstanding service. Lion Ang received numerous International Presidents Awards and held a Senior Master Membership Key. He also received the highly prestigious award of Ambassador of Goodwill. Lion Ang was named a Life Member of Lions Clubs International and a Life Director of the Lions Club of Niles. After his death in 1990, room L 101 in the Lions of Illinois Eye Research Institute was dedicated to his memory. PDG Ang was 69 at the time of his death and was married. He had one son who preceded him in death. Awarded by the Governor to the club(s) that deserves special recognition for exemplary service to the community, significant growth and/or operational improvement or has successfully presented an individual project. Selected by Governor. May be awarded to more than one club, including significant growth, projects or other activities.

The Richard Kerscher Lion of the Year Award

Named after PDG Richard F. Kerscher PDG Kerscher joined the Northbrook Lions in 1974 and served that club on many committees, as well as Director, and Secretary, for which he received the District 100% Secretary’s Award, Tail Twister, Vice President and President for three terms, receiving the 100% President’s Award for two of the terms. Lion Rich also held two Membership Keys from International. Lion Rich was appointed to the District Cabinet as Zone Chair in 1980, after three years, he served as Deputy Governor for four before being elected as Lieutenant Governor in 1987. Lion Rich was elected in grand fashion as Governor at the 1988 District Convention. His courage and dedication was an inspiration to the entire District.  Overcoming numerous health problems, Lion Rich served as an outstanding Governor for most of the 1988-89 year, until his death at the age of 43, shortly before the end of his term. Lion Rich was single and lived in Glenview since 1975. Nomination is by Club President.

The Robert Abbott Award

Named after Lion Robert E. Abbott Robert E. Abbott held the office of Waukegan Little Fort Lions Club Secretary for 35 years. In the majority of those 35 years, he was the recipient of the 100% Secretary’s Award, which is presented by the Immediate Past Governor. Eugene was his middle name, but it should have been “Service” as he worked diligently in the education field, particularly with special needs children for most of his life. He won many awards and commendations over the years, and exemplified our Lions motto “We Serve.” District 1-F Lions lost Lion Bob on June 13, 2010. He will be missed, but his legacy lives on in this Award. Presented to the officer who best exemplifies attention to detail and excellence in performance of their duties, and is nominated by a Zone Chairperson.